Friday, February 10, 2012

Capital Students Lend A Helping Hand

Based on my experience thus far as a Capital Law student, I have come to realize that there is a strong sense of camaraderie among the student population.  Before starting law school, I had heard tales of cut-throat students hiding books in the library to gain a competitive edge over their peers.  I wondered if this was going to be an accurate prediction for the next three years of my life.  But, my reservations proved to be false.  At Capital, students are quick to lend a helping hand.  Recently, this positive perception of mine was affirmed when I read about how Capital Law students are currently helping another student in a time of need.

Adam Bessler finished classes at Capital Law in December 2011.  With hopes to take the February bar exam, Adam began studying.  But, on February 6, 2012, Adam found out that his young son, Jameson, was diagnosed with leukemia.  Adam has now put the bar exam on hold to spend time with his family.  Adam's wife, Megan, has been working as a teacher at Jane's Montessori Academy and is due to have another little girl, Olivia, very soon.  To help alleviate the cost of Jameson's medical bills, and assist Adam and Megan with their day-to-day living expenses, students have donated money to "Jameson's Get Better Fast" cause. 

Yesterday, Jameson received some very good test results that puts him in the best possible prognosis for his leukemia.  But, this will still be a long road for Jameson and his family.  He is currently going through chemotherapy, and is being cared for at Nationwide Children's Hospital.  To help keep his spirits high, supporters have also been sending cards to Jameson's room.  Nationwide Children's actually has a website that allows cards to be ordered and sent directly to his room, J5321.

To stay up-to-date with Jameson's progress, the Bessler family has set up a Facebook page. After spending some time reading about Jameson's strength and positive attitude, you will see how this little boy is a true inspiration to us all.  I wish Jameson and his family all the best.  Here's to Jameson getting better fast!

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